New collection with Wilke Zierden.

Frisian, cool.

New Wilke collection available from this Saturday.

Wilke Zierden collection DIRTS

Friends, we have worked hard for you! Look forward to a bold collection that will make your hearts beat faster. With a lot of love and precision, together with Wilke Zierden, we have designed a very special selection of the finest clothes for you: Frisian, cool and high-quality!

The last parts are currently arriving from Portugal and preparations are in full swing in our warehouse. It should be remembered that the last Wilke collection was completely sold out within a few minutes. That's why we've taken some precautions this time and had a larger selection produced for you. But the whole story remains limited and if you really want something, you should grab it quickly. The countdown is on and we are looking forward to it!


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