Already over 600 members in the BUENA DISTANCE SOCIAL CLUB!

Current donation amount of €3,846 for the Grenzlos association in Aschaffenburg.

Who would have thought? Just a few weeks after the founding of our BUENA DISTANCE SOCIAL CLUB, we are already welcoming over 600 members . This is pretty crazy for us as a small label. But we are incredibly happy and grateful for the great support we are currently receiving for this campaign. The idea was actually quite simple and came about very spontaneously in mid-March. As an online shop, we are still operational and able to generate sales even during the Corona crisis. We want to use this advantage in solidarity and have designed our BUENA DISTANCE SOCIAL CLUB collection in order to be able to help people who are particularly suffering right now. We donate €6 per T-shirt to the Grenzlos association in Aschaffenburg. The aid community, set up by citizens, supports people affected by poverty. Under the motto “HELP INSTEAD OF HAMSTERING” we are making a specific donation to the Grenzlos department store. As a food bank, the department store relies on food donations from supermarkets . Due to the current Corona crisis, things are looking bad at the moment and the club is forced to buy out of its own pocket. At the end of March we were able to transfer an initial donation amount of €1,900 to the Grenzlos association. Since the membership applications are not decreasing and we don't want to prevent anyone from joining the BUENA DISTANCE SOCIAL CLUB, we have now reacted: after the goods were quickly becoming scarce, we have now brought forward parts from our summer collection and also printed them with the BUENA DISTANCE motif . So there should be enough for now and we look forward to many more members ;-)

Click here for the collection: https://www.dirts.eu/collections/buena-distance

Stay healthy! #teamdirts

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