Let's be honest: the whole discount thing is a very fine line for us and it keeps us busy. Because of course we know that we can also increase our sales with discounts. Of course, we have already had this experience in recent years. And yes, the pre-Christmas period is also one of the most important phases of the year for us and we rely on our inventory being sold. We are a small, self-financed company and can only commission new collections if we sell the current goods well and therefore remain liquid. Of course, we are also feeling the effects of the general decline in consumer behavior and at the same time have to contend with increased production prices. Not an easy situation for us.

Nevertheless, we have consciously decided against discount campaigns for Black Friday!

It's absolutely crazy how things have developed now and more and more companies are fueling the buying frenzy with excessive discounts, "exclusive" registrations or "limited" access. Ultimately, however, it is purely a consumer trap, because the Black Friday business model relies on overproduction and artificially driven demand through manipulative discounts. This approach contradicts our philosophy and our sustainable principles. That's why we say NO to Black Friday.

Thanks for everyone who understands this. #teamdirts