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      Short visit to Portugal for final checks and in mid-November fresh goods finally arrive again for autumn/winter 21/22.

      With a stack full of anticipation in our hands, we can tell you: all final samples have been checked, measured and found to be extremely good. The new colors turned out exactly as we imagined them and the fabric is again of the highest organic quality. Production is now in full swing and it won't be long until our new collection will be available to you. And as you already know us, we once again photographed the freshly received samples directly on site. Just a few kilometers from the factory, a spectacular sunset awaited us in the mountains and the next morning the same thing, only the other way around, on the beach. It was a great time again with friends and we are really looking forward to what is to come.

      Kind regards from Philipp, Lukas, Erika, Conceição & Helge

      The perfect shirt

      Das perfekte Hemd

      Style meets comfort - our new organic jersey shirt is here!

      Welcome to the next level at DIRTS. We have designed the perfect shirt for you.

      Step by step, in addition to our popular streetwear styles, we are now also introducing slightly more chic casual styles into our range. And this new addition is the next step towards premium: our new organic jersey shirt adapts to you and not the other way around. The supple material is made from ultra-fine organic cotton with some elastane and ensures maximum comfort. For the upcoming autumn, the shirt is deliberately a little thicker , but still pleasantly breathable and keeps you fresh all day long. A stylish all-rounder for casual business combinations and well-groomed leisure looks.

      Briefly about the price: we have always pursued the goal of offering sustainable fashion at fair prices. But of course high-quality materials, elaborate craftsmanship and fair working conditions also have their costs. The shirt is our most expensive product to date to produce and therefore the selling price of €80 is slightly higher than you have previously seen from us. However, it's still a very fair price for what you get and the first two days after release have already shown that the value is appreciated. So have fun wearing it ;-)




      The planning for autumn/winter 21 is in full swing and we were once again visiting our producers in the north of Portugal.

      For us, there is nothing better than traveling to Portugal and being able to visit our producers. Of course, it's a beautiful country and the daily sunsets in Porto are just okay ;-) No, but joking aside: every visit, every conversation with our partners always takes us a step further and brings us to things directly on site seeing is something different and an essential advantage. So we were able to initiate new things again this time and our customers can look forward to great new parts in the fall. You can clearly see a very special new piece of clothing in the photo below. We have already released the pattern and were there live during the trimming. Of course there will also be new colors and here we will also dedicate ourselves to a new dyeing process (keyword natural dyeing). I will tell you more about this as soon as we have completed the first tests. But yes, a little patience is still required. The fall/winter collection 21 is expected to be available in our shop at the end of October.

      Best regards, Philipp #teamdirts

      We are GOTS

      Wir sind GOTS

      Every year anew: we are and remain GOTS!

      New certification every year with strict environmental and social criteria for credible sustainability in the textile industry. We were tested again and received our new certificate.

      Do you have a piece of clothing from us? Then turn it inside out and check the sewn-in GOTS label. There is a lot of work behind this label. GOTS – the Global Organic Textile Standard – is the world's leading standard for organically produced natural fibers, for example cotton. The certificate combines environmentally friendly standards with strict social criteria along the entire production chain. So from the cotton field to the shipping box that is on its way to you. When it comes to fashion with the GOTS seal, you can be sure that it has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner as well as in a way that is harmless to health and social issues.

      After each new test, we are extremely proud and happy to hold our fresh certificate in our hands. In an annual audit lasting several hours, we are questioned by the independent testing company CERES about all environmental and social criteria and have to provide a lot of evidence of compliance with these criteria. All of our producers throughout the entire supply chain undergo the same check. It is a lot of effort and also costs money. But it is worth it to us and this is the only way to ensure that sustainable and social behavior is not just something that is simply said, but is actually pursued seriously .

      Nevertheless, for us: having a certificate is good. But knowing the people behind our products personally and seeing the individual production steps with your own eyes is and remains the most important part for us. That's what defines us and that's what we love so much about our job.



      A dream comes true: our showroom can finally open “normally”!

      During the pandemic we built a little paradise in our hometown of Aschaffenburg. Now open for normal sales for the first time on Saturday, June 12th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

      In January of this year we just got started. In order to distract ourselves from the Corona crisis, we decided: LET'S BUILD A SHOWROOM. Said and done! Several weeks of hard work, a lot of creativity, a few liters of sweat, a lot of fun and also frustration go into our new little paradise. We affectionately call it "Little Portugal". From now on there will be small events with special sales once or twice a month and our customers can look at our collections up close, try them on and of course buy them.

      As soon as the Corona situation permits, there will also be regular small parties and fixed sales days in our showroom. But more on that at a later date. Now we're starting with a first spontaneous sales day on June 12th. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and look forward to your first visit. Unfortunately, there are still entry restrictions and distance regulations.