Donate for Flo!


A few days ago we asked the Facebook community what we should do with our last "Bad Boys" T-shirt, which was signed by the European handball champions. The suggestions helped and we thought about the following action:

We help Florian, who has been dependent on a wheelchair since birth, to realize his dream: to be able to cheer on the German national handball team live on site at a major tournament.

In order to be able to pursue his great passion as a handball fan, he is dependent on nursing staff. That costs a lot of money and that is why he has so far been unable to attend a major international tournament.

We would now like to change that and are therefore calling for a fundraiser for Flo and we are giving away the last existing DIRTS "Bad Boys" T-shirt among all donors.

Click here for the fundraising campaign:

We thank you for your participation and wish you good luck in the raffle!


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