Ausstellung "Ich mache deine Kleidung"

Exhibition "I make your clothes"

Under what working conditions was my T-shirt actually produced?

A question that more and more consumers are asking themselves. In its exhibition series “I make your clothes,” the VHS Aschaffenburg provides an insightful look behind the scenes of the textile industry. Opening on February 14th. at the Aschaffenburg Adult Education Center!

Whether in front of the wardrobe or when shopping for clothes – we make momentous decisions every day. How clothes are made and how fashion is then marketed affects us all. People dress and thereby define social roles and identities, belonging or differentiation, individuality or adaptation. The VHS Aschaffenburg's series "I make your clothes" with an exhibition, lectures and workshops focuses on the production and consumption of clothing , its function over time but also, in practical terms, ways to spice up old items of clothing instead of throwing them away. The series of events starts on Friday, February 14th, 2020 at the Aschaffenburg Adult Education Center.
At DIRTS, we attach great importance to the origin of our clothing and pay great attention to fair working conditions. Thanks to our own controls and our GOTS certification, we can also guarantee sustainable and fair production. However, this does not apply to the entire textile industry. We are very pleased that the VHS Aschaffenburg is now devoting itself to this topic and can only warmly recommend the exhibition to you. You can find further information here:
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