COME BACK STRONGER - the podcast.

COME BACK STRONGER - a successful project!

Now even with its own podcast. The associated sports collection is very well received.


DIRTS is more than just fashion and merch. Our "side project" COMEBACKSTRONGER is taking up more and more space in our company and the internal CBS brand is getting stronger and stronger. Our sports collection has been around for a long time, with which we motivate and accompany injured athletes on their way to their comeback. The T-shirt and hoodie collection, which is only available exclusively here in our shop, has been gradually expanded and we will soon have a new innovation related to the topic of sustainability. You can be excited! But we are already very proud of what we have achieved so far and the successful sales of the sports collection.

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What we are also proud of: COME BACK STRONGER - the podcast. The first episodes have been online for a few weeks and we are very happy that we were finally able to realize this topic. We will now regularly interview athletes of all kinds on the subject of injuries and take a closer look behind the athletes' facade. Exciting conversations are guaranteed.

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You can find the podcast in all common apps, such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer & Co!

Come Back Stronger Podcast Martin Strobel

Almost every day we receive photos of athletes wearing our CBS shirts in the hospital bed or in rehab. This shows that our idea is well received and that we can motivate people out there! We recommend that you simply follow us on Instagram and become part of this community: @come.back.stronger

Alexander Petersson injured

Handball professional Alexander Petersson from the Rhein Neckar Löwen in rehab training with our CBS “Performance” shirt.

Amelie Stoll injured

Judoka Amelie Stoll shortly after elbow surgery with our CBS Ladies Shirt.

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