Die neue Kollektion ist da!

The new collection is here!


The new collection for autumn/winter 2020 is here - fairly & sustainably produced in Portugal.

The publication of a new collection, also known as a somewhat cool “release”, is always a very special moment for us. Only then will we know whether the months of planning and work were really worth it. Since we consciously focus mostly on basic styles, the risk of a complete failure is of course low, but there is always a bit of excitement when it comes to colors. For this year's autumn/winter collection we are relying on full and warm colors: orange, green, blue and purple set the tone.

The entire collection was produced sustainably and fairly in Portugal. We only use organically grown cotton and we know every single step in the manufacturing process. Shortly before the new collection was completed, we visited our producers in the north of Portugal again and took a final look at the new goods.

For us, transparency and education are the most important foundations for more sustainability in the textile industry. It is very important to us that our customers understand and know how their clothing is made. There is a detailed photo report on this in our blog entry “Made in Portugal” .

Our DIRTS brand has been around since 2014. What started as a spontaneous idea has now become a life's work. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and are now looking forward to successful sales of the new collection.

simply. fairly. good.

Philipp #teamdirts

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