Our idea of ​​DIRTS UPCYCLING has been a complete success so far.

Even though our return rate is relatively low, it does of course happen that a piece of clothing occasionally has small defects and is therefore sent back or has to be sorted out directly by us. So what do we do with goods that we can no longer sell? Our answer: upgrade instead of throwing away! Together with our designer Erika, we have been going wild over the last few weeks and recently launched our first complete upcycling collection. Each piece is unique! The first few weeks were basically a first test for us. We wanted to see how it was received. Well, let's make it short: the response was and is outstanding! Many parts were sold out just a few minutes after release. This motivates us and we have big plans for 2021. DIRTS UPCYCLING will continue - look forward to it!

Click here for the current upcycling collection. Take a look and get one of our unique pieces! And if you don't find anything now, you just have to be patient. 2021 is coming soon ;-)
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