A special encounter.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Africa -Caribbean Festival in Aschaffenburg, we worked with the organizers to design a very special shirt. The motto of the festival is "ONE RACE HUMAN" and we would like to set an example with this shirt and do our part for international understanding. At this point we would like to introduce you to a very special young man who can already be seen in some pictures from our ONE RACE HUMAN campaign: Deuf Kindo from the Ivory Coast.

One Race Human Special Edition

From the Ivory Coast to Aschaffenburg

The civil war and the loss of his parents forced him to leave his homeland behind as a teenager. After many detours, he managed to escape across the Mediterranean to Sicily three years ago. From there, after several stops in Italy and France, he finally ended up in Munich. The youth welfare office there then organized an apprenticeship for him to become a skilled building construction worker in Aschaffenburg. When asked why he wanted to go to Germany, his answer was so naively beautiful and touching at the same time: Bayern Munich. After he was able to watch a Bayern game on television for the first time, it sparked a fascination in him that he couldn't let go of.

Chance encounter at the train station

A few weeks ago he and our managing director Philipp met. Deuf had just come from the construction site and was waiting for his train at the “Hochschule” station. Anyone who knows this station knows that it is not particularly busy in the evening and is more of a place of solitude. But still there was a chance encounter here. Philipp, who was out jogging and thinking about the next shoot, stopped at the station to run a few stairs and noticed Deuf. The rest was quickly clarified: “Are you interested in a photo shoot?” - “Yes, of course!”

New home and completed vocational training

Deuf has now successfully completed his training and found his new home in Aschaffenburg. And maybe a career as a model awaits him now ;-) With us he has definitely secured his place as a DIRTS model and we are very happy to have found a new friend in Deuf. Let's hope that Germany can remain his home in the future.

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