Endlich wieder Portugal!

Finally Portugal again!

Bom Dia from Portugal.

For the first time since the Corona crisis, we were finally able to visit our producers again. A short travel report from Philipp:

"Finally! I was finally able to visit our producers in the north of Portugal again. Due to the Corona crisis, this was not possible in the last few months. A 25-hour train trip to the southwest of Europe was actually planned in April, but of course this had to be canceled I really hope that we can catch up on it in September 2020. Does anyone else want to come? ;-) So this time I had no other option than to get on the plane. After all, it was high time that I finally "We were able to be on site again to discuss new ideas with our partners."

"Since we have taken up the issue of sustainability with DIRTS and take it very seriously, there are a lot of screws that need to be constantly tightened. Because if you really want to produce sustainably in the textile industry, you have to do more than just that to work with organic cotton. An intensive and regular exchange with our producers is essential. Because we can only improve if everyone involved pursues exactly the same goals and understands each other. It's a long way to a better world in the Fashion production. And we still have some homework to do."

“One of the best things about my visits to Portugal is the moment when I enter the sewing shop and see our shirts and hoodies shortly before they are finished. This time I was able to take another final look at the new One Day Ladies Sweater, which will be available in our shop in just a few days. The piece is going to be great and is finally just for women and not unisex. I was also able to discuss the final details for the new DIRTS Fall/Winter 2020 collection. I'm not really in the mood for fall at the moment, but I'm really looking forward to the new colors and I'm excited to see how you'll like it."

"Oh yes, and in the evening on the beach, when all the appointments have been completed, it's also pretty nice in Portugal. A sunset like that is something nice and when I drink a glass of Portuguese red wine, I'm the happiest person for a moment Earth."

Felicidades, your Philipp #teamdirts


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