Greetings from Portugal.

Where does my T-shirt actually come from?

A quick trip to our production facilities in Portugal. New collections are nearing completion.

DIRTS Portugal Factory

Good day! We regularly visit our production sites in Portugal and last week it happened again. In our Insta story, we even took our followers live into the factory and gave exclusive insights behind the scenes. If you want to check it out, we can only warmly recommend our Instagram page . But it is also a pleasure for us to be there every time and to be able to experience the creation of our products up close.

Our products are mainly manufactured in the Braga region, about 45 minutes north of Porto. Our producers are small to medium-sized companies with very high standards in terms of quality and working conditions. These points are very important to us and are a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

The new Wilke Zierden collection is currently being produced and we have taken another final look at it here. Everything goes according to plan and in a few days the truck with fresh goods will roll off towards Aschaffenburg!

Best regards, your #teamdirts

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