Collection for a good cause.

New One Day collection now available!

Small but fine collection for a good cause. In collaboration with the charitable organization One Day eV from Aschaffenburg.

We can't really find the right translation into German for the English word "badass". But it doesn't matter, because the message behind it is what matters. Together with the charitable organization ONE DAY eV, we would like to set an example for humanity: it doesn't matter where you come from, what you do, what skin color you have - the only thing that counts is that you are human. A person with a good heart for your fellow human beings! For better coexistence in diversity and solidarity. To achieve this, we need a lot more badass guys with their hearts in the right place.

The 7 Rules of Being a Badass:

1. A "badass" doesn't talk about being a "badass."

2. A "badass" doesn't try to be a "badass," he just is.

3. A "badass" always stays true to himself and doesn't pretend to impress others.

4. A “badass” doesn’t give up.

5. A "badass" is not a jerk who preys on the weak.

6. A “badass” knows his limits. Don't be stupid - you're not Superman and you won't survive the jump from the sky.

7. A "badass" doesn't make enemies or look for a fight. He looks for solutions and fights for things that are worth fighting for.

So, are you a BADASS?

The proceeds from the sale of our One Day collection go directly into the pot to finance various aid projects in Africa. You can find out more about this at and you can find links to the good parts here:

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