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Donation handed over to ONE DAY eV


Words that are printed on our ONE DAY Sweater for a reason. A guest article by Saskia Schmidt (chairwoman of ONE DAY eV):

Difficult decisions and how we donate from DIRTS insert!

The first reported Covid-19 case appeared in Sierra Leone at the end of March. From April 5th to 7th there were short-term curfews, a complete lockdown. That means no markets on the streets, no income and no supplies. Children and people with disabilities who live on the streets find themselves in a dire emergency situation overnight and suffer from hunger.

Last week Hannah sent us a budget of 7,000 euros to be able to care for 400 people over 3 days. But we didn't have that much money in reserve without jeopardizing ongoing projects   My question was also, what will happen in the next lockdown?

It was clear to me that my question would not make the current emergency any better. However, we couldn't help immediately. Such decisions accompany you at least for a few days and nights. Hannah still managed to raise some money and continued her mission with the whole team.

It's not nice for our team to have to keep asking us for money, but they are the ones who see the suffering and hardship every day. In order not to put you in such a situation again, we would like to provide the team with a small Corona emergency pot for the upcoming period. Whether you use it to satisfy hunger on lockdown days, provide additional hygiene items or hold training courses to ensure education - we leave it to you.

Just a few days ago, DIRTS, who produce our Badass and Hopedealer textiles for us, transferred the proceeds from 2019 to us. DIRTS also sells our goods in the DIRTS online shop. Through these sales we received a donation of 1,525 euros. We agreed with Philipp that we would use the donation for the current emergency aid and support Hannah and the team.

If anyone else can or would like to add something, we would be happy.
We would like to top up the pot to 2,000 euros.


*written by Saskia Schmidt

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