Our “Corona Heart” for more love, consideration and empathy

Admittedly, it sounds a little paradoxical to have a heart for Corona in such a crisis. But things are happening around the world that give us a lot of hope. This pandemic is having a clear negative impact on our health and the global economic system - how this will ultimately change us is still completely unclear.

But this dramatic situation also brings about a lot of positive changes: better air, cleaner water, fish are cavorting in harbor basins again, the horizon is bluer than ever and the animal world is breathing deeply. This is a true blessing for our nature.

This wonderful planet - our home - is getting the long overdue breathing space and we humans are getting the time and opportunity to finally stop, think and correct our course - perhaps even have a long overdue reset of all our actions, values ​​and goals. Yin and Yang – everything has its two sides.

Everyone is in the same boat – we wish you and the “Buena Distance Social Club” all the best for this time. Be considerate, keep your distance and most importantly: stick together!