What does the indication of Grammage or "gsm" for textiles?

This refers to the fabric weight (g=grammage) per square meter (sm=square meter). The value shows you how heavy a square meter of the material is. The information alone says nothing about the quality of a textile. Nevertheless, higher fabric weights are often more resistant, more durable and at least appear to be of higher quality.

T-shirts usually have a grammage of 140-200 gsm. 140 gsm is a thin and very light shirt, while 200 gsm can be described as a heavy T-shirt. For our premium blank T-shirts we use fabrics with 180 gsm (medium light) and 200 gsm (medium heavy) . Our oversized T-shirts are a slightly heavier quality at 250 gsm . Our organic jersey shirt is also 250 gsm. The grammage of our sweaters and hoodies ranges from 420 gsm to 450 gsm . For most of our hoodies and sweaters we use a heavier Italian fleece fabric with 420 gsm. This fabric has the advantage of being very robust and durable. In addition, it is heavy and thick enough that it does not need the usual fluffy inner fleece (unbrushed). Our heavy 420 hoodies/sweaters keep you nice and warm and are lint-free at the same time. In summer we use slightly thinner qualities for our sweatwear and 350 gsm (unbrushed) works very well here. If you have any further questions, just send us an email (