Local delivery

Environmentally friendly, quick and uncomplicated.

In addition to the usual delivery options, we also offer DIRTS, a particularly environmentally friendly option for all customers in the Aschaffenburg catchment area. With our Local Delivery Service, orders are delivered by bike or continuously by our team. We are very pleased that the campaign has been well received for three years and that we can also offer our customers CO2-neutral delivery. Even if only in our home town of Aschaffenburg for now. But every little step helps and our results from last year are impressive.

The environment is happy and so is our fitness.

Our balance sheet for 2022:
✅ 375 orders
✅ 7328.8 kilometers
✅ CO2 neutral delivery

Do you live in the surrounding area of ​​Aschaffenburg? Then you can benefit from our local delivery service. Once you complete your order and you are within our driving range, you can select the "Local Delivery" shipping option.

Good for the climate, good for our fitness!

On the road for you: Philipp, Pasi, Fabi, Andi, Elena, Moritz & Norman