"Hello, I'm Philipp - owner & founder of the DIRTS brand. Let me introduce ourselves briefly:"

"We are DIRTS - an up-and-coming fashion label from Aschaffenburg. Our origins lie in textile merchandising and so-called individual contract production for companies, clubs and other labels. Together with my two co-owners Jason and Mike, we had the spontaneous idea in 2014 to create a slightly different fan shirt for the World Cup in Brazil. Our aim was to design a fashionable and high-quality shirt for the fans that everyone would remember for a long time. "LET'S BECOME WORLD CHAMPIONS AGAIN" was the appropriate slogan and the rest was a unique success story. Oh and by the way: Mike and Jason are Swiss. So they actually had relatively little to do with the World Cup title. But whatever - after the World Cup, countless orders from clubs in the Bundesliga for merch collections followed and we founded our GmbH overnight.

After two successful years in the merch sector, we realized that this business model wasn't really making us happy. We wanted to fulfill our own dreams: with fashion that we also wear ourselves and with a particular focus on sustainability. And so, at the end of 2015, our brand DIRTS was born in Berlin. At the time, I was still working as a handball professional in the capital and had rented a small office in Schöneberg. Incidentally, I came up with the name DIRTS during a night of drinking. Or at least, those five letters were on my scrap of paper when I woke up the next morning.

At the end of 2016, I ended my handball career in Berlin and returned home to Aschaffenburg. There, my friend and photographer Harald Hufgard offered me a large office and storage space to sublet. Once I settled in there, things went steadily uphill and our collections grew year after year. Subtenant became main tenant and a one-man show became a small company with employees.

Today we can call ourselves an established fashion label and are happy to have customers all over Germany and Europe. I also have a good feeling that there is more to come. The curiosity, the motivation and the desire to design are as great as ever. I am happy about everyone who accompanies us on our journey. There is still a lot to do, but it will be really good!"

We are not perfect. We are never completely satisfied.
But we love what we do and we get better every day.

A quick addition to the above: if the man on the far left (Jason) and the young man in the middle (Philipp) hadn't met by chance in Rome in 2010, DIRTS wouldn't exist today. Over a few beers on the Spanish Steps, Jason told us that he wanted to set up his own little label with his long-time friend Mike (on the right in the picture). So far, so good. Numbers were exchanged and everyone went their own way. Philipp was still a handball professional at the time, and Jason was working with Mike in Hong Kong at the time. But we kept in touch and we kept coming up with different ideas. The full version would go beyond the scope here, so we'll keep it short: in 2014, we - three completely different guys who were also pretty new to fashion at the time - founded our joint GmbH for textile trading. With courage, ambition and a healthy dose of trial and error, we've fought our way through the last few years. Today - 13 years later - we can look back on our journey together with pride and despite some turbulent years, our label DIRTS has developed superbly. We raise our glasses to that and say THANK YOU to all of you out there who support us on our journey. Philipp sends greetings again from Aschaffenburg, Mike from Zurich and Jason from New York.
Three guys. Three different worlds. One common goal.