GOTS certified

We attach great importance to sustainability and fair working conditions. To guarantee this, we rely on the GOTS LABEL and are a certified company. What this means exactly is explained to you in this video.

GOTS – the Global Organic Textile Standard – is the world's leading standard for organically produced natural fibers. The certificate combines environmentally friendly standards with strict social criteria entire production chain. So from Cotton field right into the shipping box that is on its way to you. With fashion with the GOTS seal, you can be sure that it is both was produced in an environmentally friendly and health- and socially safe manner.

After each new test, we are extremely proud and happy to hold our fresh certificate in our hands. In one audit lasting several hours We are surveyed annually by the independent testing company CERES on all environmental and social criteria and must provide a lot of evidence of compliance with these criteria. All of our producers throughout the entire supply chain undergo the same check. It is a lot of effort and also costs money. But it is worth it to us and this is the only way to ensure that a sustainable and social approach is not just simply said, but really seriously is operated.

Nevertheless, the following applies to us: Having a certificate is good. But knowing the people behind our products personally and seeing the individual production steps with your own eyes is and remains the most important part for us. That's what defines us and that's what we love so much about our job.